Our premium b2b decision maker data is our most up-to-date business data, 95% of contacts validated within 90 days.

We currently hold more than 3 million fresh phone and postal records and 750,000 emails covering all business types, profiles and decision maker job roles.

Selectable by many fields such as industry, area, company size, premises type etc.

We will generally supply one senior contact per business, that senior contact being classed as the most senior person available on site, normally MD, Business Owner, Senior Partner, General Manager etc. If you require more specific job titles please see our specialist job title data file.

Complete our enquiry form for a count, quote or sample, or give us a call direct on 0161 115 7455.

Key features

Selectable by many fields (area, sector, contact job role, size, turnover etc.)

Refreshed on a continual rolling basis and telephone-validated for accuracy

ALL fields and multi-use licence supplied as standard (most suppliers charge extra for this)

No minimum order quantity and no hidden charges

Replace / credit policy on gone-aways and email hard bounces

Fields and content:

We supply all fields and a multi-use licence as standard.

Company name & full address
Telephone number (TPS Screened)
Industry category with SIC code
Business description
Number of staff, and turnover
Senior contact name & job title
Email address (where purchased)

Data is delivered in Excel within 2 hours of completed order.

Order process and turnaround time

To purchase your data please contact us with your requirements and we will email you a detailed breakdown and 'pick list', from this you can filter and refine your data selections to ensure you get exactly the data you want. We can work with you to make as many amendments as required to ensure you are happy with your selection.

Once you have placed your order we will email your invoice and 'terms of use'. Your data is delivered within 2 hours (within normal office hours) from the point that we receive your payment.

Our Guarantee

We are a Direct Marketing Association member and as such adhere to their strict policies and guidelines. You should achieve a bounce rate of less than 3% (assuming the correct use of appropriate broadcast systems and adhering to best practice). We also offer a replace or refund policy on gone-aways and email hard bounces.

To discuss your data requirements, or for counts and samples please fill in our enquiry form or call 0161 115 7455.