B2B data lists - Summary of terms & conditions

The following is an 'easy to digest' summary of our B2B data terms of use. This covers the subjects that we are most commonly asked about, and is by no means exhaustive. If you wish to see a copy of our full terms and conditions please contact us.


The B2B data list is leased to you for a period of 12 months from date of delivery. You do not own the B2B data.

The resell, re-distribution or publishing of any data supplied by Joined Up Marketing is strictly forbidden.

We will endeavour to contact you with a reminder prior to your licence expiry date. However it is the purchaser's sole responsibility to ensure that data is not used beyond their terms of licence, else you may be liable for further charges.

Transfer of ownership

Where a data subject gives you their unambiguous consent for you to contact them again then you may contact that data subject freely outwith our terms and conditions. It is important to note that passive responses do not count as consent (e.g. opening an email, a general click-through, an out of office reply etc.). Any consent should be documented.


You may only use the B2B data list for the purpose of direct marketing of a relevant business nature.

You may contact each data recipient up to a maximum of twelve times per channel (12X by email plus 12X by phone plus 12X by post).

There are restrictions on the marketing of certain goods and services e.g. PPI, health insurance, accident claims, personal financial, consumer goods/services etc. are NOT allowed

Delivery and returns

Orders are normally processed within 2 hours (during office hours). Non-standard orders may take up to 48-hours to process and we will inform you in advance where this is the case.

You may return valid email hard bounces or gone-aways and we will replace or credit any proportion over a 'fair allowance limit' and in line with our terms of use (2% for gone-aways and 5% for hard bounces).

The customer acknowledges that several factors outwith accuracy of the data can effect email delivery rates e.g. spam filters, the use of inappropriate online hosted services etc.


Our B2B marketing lists are compliant with GDPR and PECR. However customers leasing b2b data lists from us must ensure that they are also compliant in their own right.

Telephone numbers are screened against TPS and CTPS prior to delivery. Phone numbers must be screened within 28 days of calling, therefore if you are calling data subjects after 28 days of delivery then you should continue to screen against TPS/CTPS.

All B2B Data lists are seeded to monitor against misuse or breaches of our terms. This will be limited to no more than 5 seeds per 1000 records.

Third parties

We recognise that you may elect to assign a third party to undertake direct marketing on your behalf. In this case, and where you disclose the data list to that third party, the legal contract remains between you (the purchaser) and Joined Up Marketing. That is, if your assigned third party were to breach the terms of use then you would still be responsible.

Full terms and conditions are supplied with every order. If you wish to see a copy of the full terms prior to placing an order please contact us and we will be happy to oblige.