Finance Contacts - Marketing Database Overview

Our Finance contacts marketing database is a compilation of highly targeted premium b2b data, it is carefully researched and provides profiled marketing information on senior Finance job titles.

We currently hold circa 50,000 Finance decision makers covering all areas and sectors.

75% of data refreshed within 90 days, 90%+ refreshed within 12 months.

Our Finance contacts data can be tailored to your specific requirements and is selectable by area, industry, number of employees, turnover and more. You may choose exactly how much, and which parts of the data you want.

It is important to note that we supply actual Finance job titles and not generic or assumed job roles, for example you will get actual Finance job titles such as 'Finance Manager', 'Finance Director' etc. Many suppliers supply non-specific job titles such as office manager or senior partner and label them as 'Finance contact' on the assumption they might have some Finance responsibility.

To request a detailed count or sample please complete our enquiry form or call 0845 056 8574.

Fields and content:

We supply all fields and a multi-use licence as standard.

Company name & full address
Telephone number (TPS Screened)
Industry category with SIC code
Business description
Number of staff, and turnover
Senior Finance contact name & job title
Email address (where purchased)

Data is delivered in Excel within 2 hours of completed order.

Order process and turnaround time

To purchase a selection of Finance data please contact us with your requirements and we will email you a detailed breakdown and 'pick list', from this you can filter and refine your data selections to ensure you get the data you want. We can work with you to make as many amendments as required to ensure you are happy with your selection.

Alternatively to quickly purchase a number of test records at a discounted rate click the green button below (we will contact you by email to confirm the specification you require).

Once you have placed your order we email your login details along with your invoice, terms of use and payment options. Your data is delivered within 2 hours (within normal office hours) from the point that we receive your payment and accepted terms.

Our Guarantee

We are a Direct Marketing Association member and as such adhere to their strict policies and guidelines. You should achieve a bounce rate of less than 5% (assuming the correct use of appropriate broadcast systems and adhering to best practice). We also offer a replace or refund policy on gone-aways and email hard bounces.

To discuss your data requirements, or for counts and samples please fill in our enquiry form or call 0845 056 8574.